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About Us

We specialize in provision and promote health service at primary and peripheral level of health facilities through health and allied sciences teachings.

This Strategic Plan is a statement by KUA of its vision, mission, values, objectives and strategies for each of the eight key results areas that will transform KUA into a sustainable Centre in the evolving political, technological and social-economic environment in Tanzania over the 2021 to 2025 period. The plan was developed through a participatory process, whereby both internal and external stakeholders were involved

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Our Core Values

  • Our Vision

    The Vision of the University is “the standard bearer for world-class innovation and entrepreneurial university education”.

  • Our Mission

    The University shall provide higher and advanced vocational, technical, industrial,technological and professional education and training in industries and technology,which prepares students for lives of professional distinction and meaningful engagement with the world.

    KUA - ARUSHA intentionally creates an inclusive community that engages students in active and collaborative learning to foster academic and career excellence.

  • Our Core Values

    Kilimanjaro University of Africa-ARUSHA in the pursuit of its mission will be guided by the following core values:.

    • Strong innovation ecosystem
    • Sustainable entrepreneurial ecosystem
    • Transparent and participatory governance
    • Unity in the pursuit of TUP mission, goals, and objectives

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Arusha, Tanzania